Steve's Slide Rules

I've set up this website to help me display and work with my collection of slide rules, slidecharts, nomographs, and slide rule texts. It has proven to be a continuing experiment to determine the most useful ways in which to display this material, what kind of descriptive information to include, and how best to include it. In addition, since I don't really have enough room in my house to display all these things (actually, I do, but I also need to remain on good terms with my wife), this website serves as my principal means of displaying the collection. If you have questions, suggestions, or caveats, or if you want to advise me of errors I've made, please contact me as seen above.

On the other hand, if you're actually looking for 'real information' about slide rules, I'd suggest the following links to information provided by people who not only know a great deal more about slide rules than do I, but who have also had the decency and energy to make that knowledge publicly available!

The Oughtred Society
The Oughtred Society's extensive listing of useful website links
The United Kingdom Slide Rule Circle
Dutch Circle for Historical Calculating Instruments
German-speaking Slide Rule Collectors
ARC: Amigos de las Reglas de Cálculo
The International Slide Rule Museum
Professor Joe Herning's Slide Rule Videos
Dr. Robert Wolf's Slide Rule Replica site *not currently active*

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